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Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit

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Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit - NEW Upgraded Formula

$ 360.00 (GST excl.)

Size: 5 x 8ml

A brand new reformulation of the popular treatment for greater results as strands become thicker and stronger with frequent use. Clinically proven to increase hair density, this potent combination of four special key actives - ginger root and three leaf extracts – boosts root rejuvenation and effectively breaks down damaged cells through the Autophagy process to repair, regenerate healthier cells and strengthen hair follicles in just 4 weeks!

 The Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit is also packaged in 100% recyclable material, which is environmentally friendly, hygienic, and anti-bacterial.

Size :5 x 8ml
  1. Prepare the intensive formula by pressing down firmly on top of the bottle cap until you see the release of the treatment powder. Then shake gently until the powder dissolves, and replace the cap with the dropper provided.
  2. Proceed to apply the entire bottle’s contents onto cleansed scalp evenly with the dropper, while massaging firmly but gently with fingertips for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Do not rinse after

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