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Cellular Multi-Active Serum

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Cellular Multi-Active Serum

$ 475.00 (GST excl.)

A scientific formulation of potent and concentrated active ingredients that have dramatic skin-health generating and anti-ageing effects on the skin. Skin health is optimised when used daily as part of your skincare regime to achieve a more youthful appearance. 

Bio-placenta is Biomimetic Growth Factors, that are compatible with Human Placenta and have lesser complications to that of human or animal placenta, produced responsibly for your peace-of-mind, making youth-preserving more effective. The serum includes 5 unique peptides. 

Neuro-peptide is intelligent new-age peptides with the ability to detect and mobilise cells to skin imperfections needing repair, rebuilding and reclamation for soft, young and healthy skin. It is the perfect ingredient to reduce skin imperfections for immune reactions, internal stress and sensitive and intolerant skin caused by UV.

#Get a complimentary 30 minutes infusion treatment - Cellular Multi-Active Therapy with your serum.

Size :5 x 4ml
Ranges :Advanced Series Skin Ampoules
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