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Defence Follicels Thickening Shampoo

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Defence Follicels Thickening Shampoo

$ 60.00 (GST excl.)

Introducing the new Defence Follicels Thickening Shampoo, specially formulated with Hydrolyzed Rice Protein - a key ingredient that nourishes and strengthens hair from root to end. This powerful ingredient is packed with cationic and anionic amino acids that work together to give you fuller, healthier hair. The anionic amino acids repel each other via electrostatic forces, creating greater volume and natural highlights. This luxurious shampoo not only increases hair volume but also improves manageability for easy styling. Say goodbye to flat, dull hair and hello to thicker, shinier locks! Made with natural and sustainable ingredients, and free from gluten, making it suitable for all hair & scalp types.

Size :250ml
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