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Hair Densifier Treatment Kit

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Hair Densifier Treatment Kit

$ 1,200.00 (GST excl.)

Size: 10 x 5ml (Solution), 10 X 0.15g (High Densifier Powder)

The Svenson Hair Densifier Treatment Kit keeps hair in a growing state while stimulating further hair growth by strengthening weak roots and preventing scalp issues with anti-bacterial properties. It is formulated with a breakthrough absorption system, PLGA Nano Technology, where active ingredients incredibly sized at 200-nanometer small is absorbed quickly and thoroughly.


Rich in corosolic acid, a compound that encourages healthy hair growth, the extract also inhibits 5α-Reductase which then halts the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – the occurring enzyme that causes hair loss.

Size :10 x 5ml (Solution), 10 X 0.15g (High Densifier Powder)

Step 1: Remove caps and pour 1 vial of solution into 1 powder vial

Step 2: Gently shake the bottle to mix well

Step 3: Section hair and apply on clean scalp   

Step 4: Gently massage the solution onto the scalp for it to penetrate well

Step 5: Use 1-2 time weekly to achieve optimum result

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